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Dinuba Property Management Services for Owners & Investors

As a Dinuba landlord or investor, you’re looking for a property management company that can place better tenants, take better care of your property, and help your investment exceed even your highest expectations. At The Equity Group, we can be those property managers.

Our team knows how to provide the best service. We’re passionate about real estate and property management, and that’s why we’re the leaders in the Dinuba market. This is our community, too, and you’ll find that no one is as committed to your investment property as we are.

Whether your investment property is in Monson, Delft Colony, or elsewhere in Dinuba, let us help you perform.

We’re property management leaders in Dinuba because we’re excellent at what we do. We also love our work. And, we know Dinuba and its unique collection of tenants and properties. We’re the most experienced, most enthusiastic property managers in town. At The Equity Group, we serve Dinuba area property owners and tenants.

Property Management and Expert Leasing

Good property managers understand the local market in the Monson and Delft neighborhoods, and elsewhere in Dinbua. We can provide the appropriate price range for your property.
That’s where our marketing plans begin.


How To Effectively Market Your Rental Property

Pricing your property competitively drives our marketing strategy. Your Dinuba property managers understand the local market, and we price your home correctly, whether you’re in Monson, Delft Colony, North Dinuba or elsewhere. Contact us to learn how we ensure that you earn as much as you can while minimizing your vacancy.


Online Portals for Tenants and Landlords

Our property management technology is innovative. It allows you and your tenants to view statements, check on maintenance requests, and send messages online. You can reach our principals and managers whenever necessary. At The Equity Group, full service Dinuba property management means being available.


Strict Tenant Screening and Thorough Rental Applications

Dinuba is special, and we know that the people who live and work in the area deserve a great property for a fair price. Whether you’re in Monson, North Dinbua or Delft Colony, we want to provide a great rental experience for our tenants and our owners.


Establishing and Communicating Our Rental Criteria

At The Equity Group, tenants understand and accept our rental criteria before they even apply. The know that we’ll be verifying income, running credit checks, and searching criminal histories on all applicants who are 18 years of age or older.


Good Tenants and Good Relationships

Once placed, we treat tenants like family. Why? It leads to tenant retention and success for all parties. Happy tenants take better care of your property and pay their rent on time. They follow the terms of the lease and they make good neighbors.


Investing in Your Investment: Repairs & Property Maintenance

At The Equity Group, our full service Dinuba property management plans include taking care of emergency and preventative maintenance. Our attention to detail and our excellent vendor relationships allow us to preserve the condition of your asset better than you could on your own.


High Quality Vendors Who Understand Your Home

We work with local vendors who are licensed, insured, and professional so you get prompt, efficient service at competitive rates. Our vendors can do everything from help during turnovers to emergency response, for all Dinbua neighborhoods, like Monson, North Dinuba or Delft Colony.


Preventative Maintenance Is Affordable Maintenance

Our goal is also to save you money, so we don’t wait for things to break. We check systems and appliances constantly. When possible, we use our own maintenance staff. If the repair is more complex, we bring in specialized vendors. The maintenance and repair process is affordable, streamlined, and managed completely by your team of Dinuba property managers.


Landlord and Tenant Technology & Communication

Communication is the first step towards success. We will respond to your needs promptly, with someone answering the phone 24 hours a day. If there’s an emergency, we’re on it. If you have a question, you’ll get a return call or an email promptly. Tenants can always reach us, and no one will have to leave endless messages or wait a week to get a simple question answered.


Property Marketing & Advertising to Attract Great Tenants

Our marketing plans are designed to rent your property quickly to a great tenant. Here’s what we’ll do to advertise your property:

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  • Include your property listing on our website and all of the popular rental websites that prospective tenants are searching. We will do this for property owners in Monson, Delft Colony and elsewhere in Dinuba.
  • We want to attract as many qualified residents as possible so we can be highly selective when it’s time to choose a renter
  • Show your property to prospective tenants.

Rently is the platform we use to schedule prospective tenant showings at the time that works best for tenants. The site is secure and protects your home, requiring a credit card and registration before prospects are allowed access to your home. We’ve found Rently to speed up the leasing process, saving you money, and helping tenants to move with maximum efficiency.

Visalia property management services

Find Out What Your Property Is Worth

Before you place your home on the market, you need to know what it will rent for.
We can crunch the numbers. Click on the button below to receive your free rental analysis.

The right rental price will get a qualified tenant in place quickly. Pricing your home too high will only lead to an expensive vacancy. Pricing too low will leave you with less. With our expertise, you can collect as much as possible, while staying competitive.

Let us provide a free rental analysis, and we’ll show you how easy it can be to set the right rental price for your Dinuba property.

We serve homeowners in zip code 93618 and elsehwere in Dinbua, CA.

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Very professional maintenance team that I can trust to come into my home and fix the repairs necessary in a timely manner. I have never experienced such speedy service with a property management company in the past and very happy with the way equity group takes care of their properties.

– Peter

How Much Is Property Management?

Choose the price that works best for your Dinuba property management needs

Leasing Only Service1 Month’s Rent
Full Service Management - Single Family Home$75 Flat Fee Per Month *
Full Service Management - Multi Family and Commercial5-8% of Collected Income **
Marketing the Property
Rent Assessment
Finding Tenants
Tenant Screening
Full Legal Compliance
Property Maintenance
Discounts for Repairs
On-Time Rent Collection
Eviction Process Handling
Property Accounting and Reporting
Monthly Owner Statements
Owner and Tenant Portals

Additional Fee – $100 per lease agreement secured on move-in and annual lease renewals.

*There is no management fee charge during vacancies.
**Fee depends on size, monthly income and size of portfolio.

Client Reviews

4.9 /5
274 Reviews

Aug 5, 2022
Google The Equity Group Jessica
Equtiy Group makes renting easy and Hassel free you can access most of what you need online, they are always quick and professional they send the right tech or company for maintenance repairs, I have been with Equity for over six years and have been very happy the entire time! Thank you Equity Group for you quality service.
Aug 2, 2022
Google The Equity Group Ericka
I have been renting from Equity Group since March and so far I have had a great experience! They are very quick to respond to any maintenance issues and fixed very quickly! Definitely recommend renting with them.
Jul 25, 2022
Facebook The Equity Group Kitsiso
Opportunities are very rare these days cause of the rate of spam existing on the net right now but when we find those who are real we should share there good deeds to prevent people from spam. i saw someone who made a write up about how she met this broker from US who provide her with the best trading signals and i took the risk. i started with just $500 she help me to trade with my investment and after 7 working days i made a withdrawal of $6300. i was so amazed i told her i was gonna refer her to a lot of people please contact her via her Email: :brianawilkerson008@gmail.com WhatsApp: +1(213)921-1614 You will be glad you did it.
Jul 21, 2022
Google The Equity Group Paul
Catalina Valle – An indispensable example of loyalty First and foremost, I would like to take this opportunity in saying thank you for the making my maintenance request a seamless process. It was bound to happen and after 2-years of trying to be as safe as possible in contracting COVID-19, it finally caught up with me and took me down pretty hard. As a retired disabled Veteran, it was difficult to admit I needed help on the home front. When I reached out to her after my refrigerator took a dump during this heatwave, the organizational skills demonstrated and outstanding work ethic has distinguished you as a professional representative, highly capable of performing a multitude of duties along with attention to detail, ensured your customer care a priority. As Murphy’s Law would have it, during quarantine, my mother was admitted into the hospital due to preexisting health issues, leaving me with a sense of helplessness and leaving me with no choice but to work the phones by setting up a home base of operations in coordinating and meeting her medical needs in developing a get-well plan into a long-term care facility. Realizing it or not, you’re an indispensable example of loyalty to your clients and the company in which you work for. The unlimited and energetic pursuit of selfless-service, the sense of duty that inspires your colleagues to take on greater challenges must be recognized. Your judgment of the highest values and your attitude of never to be given up to a lesser standard no matter how long or hard was noticed and appreciated on several occasions. Often times I found myself reflecting on the tenacity you have in completing all of your assigned taskings and never leaving anything left open to chance. Thank you for being extremely reliable with above average written and verbal communication skills. Communication is the ingredient of maintaining 100% effectiveness between your clients to get every task accomplished and you are truly excellent at what you do, your customer care should be inspiring and a great example to the other representatives within The Equity Group Company. The Loyalty you possess bears true faith and allegiance to the company and your Duty, fulfills your obligations to the fullest. Your Respect, (EO) treats people as they should be treated. Your Honor, lives up to all The Equity Group Company’s values and mission statement and they should feel honored to have you representing them. And finally, you’re Integrity, by doing what is right, legally and morally reassures customer satisfaction and not forgotten about in the everyday shuffle. I felt well taken care of and in today’s day and age, this is very much appreciated on the receiving end. I realize we’re talking about a work order request for an inoperable refrigerator however, given the butterfly effect in what all transpired on the home front, I felt the need to elaborate on the situation. Again, thank you for making me a priority and meeting my needs.
Jul 16, 2022
Google The Equity Group Buddy
Good People and take care of anything that needs to be adressed!

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