We Aim to Deliver Supreme Customer Services in Porterville, CA

The Equity Group was established with the idea of delivering a unique property management experience to Porterville investors and property owners. We assist owners at each step of the property management process and help them tackle the challenges that come with it.

Expert Marketing Strategy

We advertise your Porterville rental property on traffic-rich platforms with its key features and the modern amenities you offer to make your rental unit stand out and attract high-quality tenants.

Detailed Leasing Process

Our leasing process is designed to provide peace of mind for property owners while establishing a foundation for positive landlord-tenant relationships.

Full-Service Property Management

The Equity Group is a one-stop property management solution for all your property management needs in Porterville. We manage all types of properties, including multi-family, residential, commercial, and agricultural assets, allowing you to earn maximum profit. Our set of services includes everything from marketing, property showings, and inspections to property maintenance, rent collection and effective tenant placement.

Equity Group Property Management: Residential & Commercial real estate

What Makes Us Stand Out?

Effective Tenant Management

At The Equity Group, effective tenant management is more than a practice. It’s a commitment to creating rewarding and harmonious rental experiences for property owners and tenants alike. We treat tenants like valued members of our extended family. From comprehensive lease compliance to timely communication, we set high standards for responsible behavior and cultivate a positive living environment.

Online Tenant & Owner Portals

Experience the future of property management with The Equity Group! Our advanced online tenant/owner portal brings property management to a new level, providing you and your tenants with seamless access to essential information and services. View statements, track maintenance requests, and communicate effortlessly through our user-friendly platform.

Find Out More About Our Services

If you wish to learn more about our services and what it feels like to work with The Equity Group, get in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that navigating property management can raise questions. We list frequently asked questions related to our services to provide clarity and transparency. If you have additional inquiries, feel free to contact us directly.

How do you handle tenant screening to ensure responsible occupants for my Porterville property?

Our tenant screening process is thorough, focusing on criteria such as timely rental payments, no eviction history, and a sense of pride in renting. We prioritize tenants who align with responsible behavior and contribute to a positive rental experience.

What sets your firm apart in managing properties in Porterville?

The Equity Group stands out with its comprehensive and personalized approach to property management in Porterville. We prioritize effective tenant management, ensuring your property is well-maintained and tenants are treated with care and respect.

Can I access real-time information about my Porterville property through an online portal?

Yes, The Equity Group provides an advanced online tenant/owner portal, offering real-time access to statements, maintenance requests, and direct communication with our team. Experience the convenience of managing your property at your fingertips.

What types of properties does The Equity Group manage in Porterville?

We manage a diverse portfolio of properties in Porterville, including single-family homes, multi-unit properties, commercial spaces, and agricultural assets. Our expertise extends to various real estate categories to meet your investment needs.

How do you ensure legal compliance in the leasing process for Porterville properties?

Our leasing process is legally compliant, from standard lease drafting to enforcement. We prioritize legal standards, ensuring that all lease agreements align with regulations and protect both property owners and tenants in Porterville.

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