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The city of Tulare is situated at the heart of the San Joaquin Valley. The increasing population, employment opportunities, and per capita income have led to rapid growth in the Tulare real estate market. To keep your property in the Tulare property hotlist in such a competitive market can be a task. Not when you have an established company like The Equity Group to guide you at every stage.

We prioritize your rental business and focus on result-oriented advertising. Our property managers are passionate about real estate. We keep upgrading our advertising skills to keep up with the fast-growing rental business across Tulare.

Our team strives to advertise your properties effectively to attract stable tenants. We don’t just advertise, we communicate your expectations precisely so that you find responsible tenants. Tulare is a wonderful location for rental businesses and we ensure that our clients make the most out of their assets.

At The Equity Group, we serve Tulare area property owners and tenants.

Marketing Services That Set Us Apart

Marketing holds the power for your property to be seen more, and chosen over the other properties in town. We will up your advertising game so that your asset receives the attention and demand that it deserves.


Getting A Property Show-Ready

From getting the property cleaned, getting the necessary repairs and the urgent fixes done, to renovating the property, we do it all to get our clients’ properties show-ready.

When a property is ready to use, it is ready to rent. We get your property ready to rent in a minimum amount of time, to reduce the vacancy period.

Our property managers show the potential tenants your property at their earliest convenience. Property showings are no longer your stress, they are our responsibility.


Marketing On Our Website

The Equity Group website receives a great deal of regular and new visitors on a daily basis. We know that our viewers are in search of a property like yours.

We highlight your property and its features on our website. Every client and every rental unit is special to us. Our team takes extra efforts to bring your unit to notice. Your personal information stays secure with us. We respect your privacy, and won’t disclose your data to the viewers until we are sure that they match your tenancy standards.


Posting Content That Appeals

Our professionals are skilled at the technical aspect of digital marketing. We take high-definition pictures and videos of your unit and use them along with catchy precise content on various most-used platforms.

We also offer tenants a virtual tour of your property which allows them to see the wonderful features of your home and makes their decision easier. You get your prospective tenants much more easily.


Using Digital Platforms That Make An Impact

The Equity Group Facebook page is highly active. We ensure that every post precisely conveys the necessary information and the property highlights. Our digital marketers have their finger on the pulse of the most-trusted Facebook pages and promote your property ads on these groups and pages.

Our Yelp page shows how tremendously our advertising has helped our fellow clients. The reviews also help us connect to some great prospective tenants, and get your property occupied soon.

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Want A Free Rental Analysis?

In modern-day real estate, there are multiple tools at homeowners’ disposal for an accurate estimation of their return on investment. The rental analysis is one of the prominent tools that can have a great impact on your revenue generation.

The rental analysis will help you set the right rent price for your unit, draw more tenants to your unit, and keep your unit occupied.

Let us provide a free rental analysis and make your landlord’s journey stress-free.

We serve homeowners in zip codes 93274, 93275, and elsewhere in Tulare, CA.


Very professional maintenance team that I can trust to come into my home and fix the repairs necessary in a timely manner. I have never experienced such speedy service with a property management company in the past and very happy with the way equity group takes care of their properties.

– Peter

Areas We Serve

We provide complete property management services to investors and tenants based in all cities across Tulare county. Visalia, Dinuba, Porterville, and London are some of our prime locations. We also serve across Kings county and Fresno county.


Meet Our Team


The Equity Group Management team

What Our Customers Have To Say

May 24, 2023
Google - Jean - The Equity Group
I have used Equity Group to manage my rentals in the Visalia and Tulare areas for several years. I cannot say enough about how efficient and thorough they have been in vetting potential renters, maintaining the properties and the courtesy of their employees. I have managed my properties myself in the past, so I know it is not an easy task. I feel using Equity Group to oversee this for me has saved me time and money, which more than compensates for any fee I pay for their service. They have their own maintenance staff at the ready and it is also a cost savings over finding and paying the maintenance on my own. I appreciate their business staff and the end of the year statements they prepare for tax time. I highly recommend The Equity Group to oversee any property management needs.
May 20, 2023
Google - Malenah - The Equity Group
We are going on a month being with equity, our AC had stopped working I made a work order and someone came out the same day to fix it. Love how fast we were taken care of and the receptionist was very nice!
May 19, 2023
Google - Jo-Ren - The Equity Group
It is fair and polite and informative. Hard to get better than that!
May 10, 2023
Google - Danny - The Equity Group
I lived in this complex for 2 years. Camelia, the apartment complex manager is amazing, she responds to emails, text messages, maintenance requests the same day, most of the time within the hour. This is a really safe apartment complex, no break ins, no loud music, no disturbances (no drama) we don’t have a neighborhood watch but if anything suspicious comes up Camelia will email all tenants and ensure that we know that she has a plan on how to keep us safe. There was a time that somebody vandalized the mail box, not the units or the property. She emailed us to be more diligent in monitoring our surroundings at night and to report anything suspicious to her and she would notify security or PD. MOST apartment complex managers don’t give a s**t. The rent is reasonable, not over priced. Camelia keeps all the residents up to date on renovations, apartment inspections, and any upcoming changes. Recently the complex pavement was revised / replaced, that was a pretty big project, they do a good job on keeping complex looking clean and well groomed, they have a yard service weekly to provide lawn care and maintain the bushes, etc. The neighbors are pretty friendly and the pool is functional, stays open late 9am-8pm. The pool is well maintained, Camelia makes sure that things get taken care of, she’s doesn’t put things off. She is proactive when there is a problem, she communicates when there is problem, and she’s truthful NO BS. She will work with you to figure out a plan, some things aren’t in her control and she doesn’t feed BS, she’s honest. If anything is out of her control, she sends you to the right person to talk with. This happened to me once where I had to deal with someone else and I regretted dealing with anyone else but Camelia. She maintains her professionalism and does not hold grudges. Her attitude towards you doesn’t change in any situation. When you’re dealing with hundreds of people you have to be able to keep your cool, and she does that well. Over all a great place to live, residents feel safe, they keep up with maintenance, and there are many residents who have lived in this complex long term ( that says a lot about a complex).
May 2, 2023
Google - Eric - The Equity Group

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