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Both landlords and tenants play critical roles towards making a smooth rental experience possible in Visalia. While landlords are responsible for providing a safe and habitable place, renters are obligated to fulfill their responsibilities as outlined in California’s Landlord-Tenant law as well.

Every landlord’s expectation of what their tenants must do can differ. However, based on our experience, here is a curated list of the most essential yet important renter responsibilities while living in a Visalia rental.

Tenants Should Change the Batteries in Smoke/CO2 Detectors

Smoke detectors automatically detect the presence of smoke and raise an alarm. Having a working smoke detector is crucial from the perspective of protecting your home and quickly knowing if there is a fire in any of the rooms. However, as smoke detectors work on batteries that need to be changed regularly, the question of who is responsible for changing the battery comes up every time. 

In California, landlords are responsible for installing a smoke detector outside every bedroom, and tenants are responsible for testing the alarm system and changing batteries regularly (since it may not be possible for landlords to visit the property frequently). We recommend adding a clause regarding smoke detectors and battery replacements in the lease agreement to avoid confusion. 

Tenants Are Responsible for Replacing Air Filters In The Visalia Rental

Good HVAC systems are critical for maintaining adequate heating and air conditioning within the house. All the air handled by an HVAC system passes through air filters at one point or another, filtering out the dust and pollen that would otherwise reduce the Air Quality Index of your rental. Hence, it is necessary to change air filters at periodic intervals, to ensure that air keeps passing through with ease. Renters are responsible for checking and changing air filters in Visalia. This is an important responsibility because clogged air filters are the number one reason that HVAC systems fail and can pose a threat to the habitability of the house.

As Visalia property managers, we recommend that landlords include an addendum for air filters in the lease agreement to eliminate the risks of inefficient air filters. 

Tenants Are Expected to Comply with The Lease Agreement

A lease agreement is the legal document that states all the individual landlord and tenant responsibilities. Tenants are expected to read all the clauses outlined in the lease and strictly follow them while living in the Visalia rental. These include clauses related to all residential laws, security deposits, rent payments, maintenance and repairs, duties during the stay, and pet policies. 

Tenants Should Report Maintenance Issues Immediately

Renters are supposed to report repair and maintenance issues immediately, if they find any significant damage to the property. Communicating issues such as water leakage, gas leakage, or damaged plumbing and trying to fix the problems on priority is essential. Ignoring the problem may only put you at significant risk.

Tenants are Supposed to Pay Rent on Time 

Pay RentEvery tenant is responsible for paying the rent on time. Landlords may give some extension in case of an emergency or unavoidable reason, but consistent failure to pay rent on time may result in the eviction of the renter, depending on the rent payment clause in every rental agreement.

Apart from these primary duties, tenants are also responsible for keeping the entire unit clean, habitable, and safe, disposing of the garbage regularly, and following all tenant-landlord laws.

Having a clear lease agreement can go a long way in helping landlords clarify tenant responsibilities and ensuring that they fulfill them. This is where an experienced property management company in Visalia, like The Equity Group, can be useful.

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