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Noisy neighbors are one of the most common issues in rental units. However, handling this problem can be tricky for property managers. With single-family rentals, the problem can be even more sensitive. Tenants often come to property managers with complaints such as loud music, late-night parties, yelling, and shouting at the gathering of friends. Here are a few tips to follow while dealing with noisy neighbors.

Try To Know If The Complaint Is Valid

Sometimes tenants are oversensitive to noise or deliberately file complaints because they have some personal feud with the neighbors. Therefore, it is necessary to check if the complaint is valid, instead of taking direct action. First, understand what qualifies as noise and whether the complaint is reasonable or unwarranted. You can visit the property or call the tenants to enquire about the nature of noise. Also, ask other tenants if the noise was disturbing for them as well. 

Determine The Severity Of Noise

After conducting a question & answer session with tenants, try to determine the severity of the noise. Property managers can help landlords find out if the noise issue has occurred only once or if it is a frequent problem. If the tenants in question have a habit of playing loud music or having frequent parties, you should deal with the issue quickly and seriously.

Address Both The Parties

If it is an ongoing issue and the complaint is valid, you should talk with both parties and try to understand both perspectives. You can either call involved tenants to the office or you can visit the property to discuss the issue with them. Have a face-to-face discussion with the neighbors. Ask them to quiet down and refrain from making noise. Also, meet the complainants and inform them that you have addressed the issue. Try to help both parties reach a mutually agreeable solution as it is necessary for maintaining harmony in your property.

See If The Problem Persists

Once you discuss the noise issue with both parties, wait for some days and see if the noisy tenants are taking the warning seriously. If they fail to heed the warning, you will have to remind them about the nuisance clause mentioned in the lease agreement. A copy of the signed lease can be useful in such scenarios. You can show them the clause and tell them the consequences of violating the lease agreement.

Code Enforcement 

Eviction NoticeIf the noisy tenants don’t stop even after following all procedures, the last resort is code enforcement. We recommend landlords start with the eviction procedure, following legal requirements. Landlords can take the help of property managers or a local attorney to draft an eviction notice and send it to noisy neighbors. You can even call the police if the noisy tenants refuse to leave the rental unit.

Get professional help if it is difficult for you to deal with noisy neighbors. We, at The Equity Group, help our clients deal with noise nuisance complaints, law enforcement, and the eviction process. 

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