The Equity Group is a full-service property management company in the central valley of California. Today, we want to spend a little time talking about what sets us apart from other management companies, and why working with us is a win for you, your tenants, and your property.

Technology is Our Strength

Our biggest strength is our investment in technology. We’re able to do almost everything online, including rent collection, bill payment, applications, accounting, and maintenance reporting.  With our online portals, everything we do is transparent and documented. Prospective renters and current tenants can access online accounts, where they see what they owe every month and submit maintenance requests.

When we receive those online repair requests, we can react faster and more efficiently. Simple maintenance issues like a leaking toilet can be handled within 24 hours. Tenants don’t have to worry about calling and leaving voicemails and waiting to hear back about when things will be fixed. Rent collection is also easy. They go on their computer or any mobile device and they pay rent in minutes. The benefit for our owners is that we collect rent faster and you get paid faster. It’s easier to avoid chasing down late rent payments, and tenants don’t have to wonder how long it will take their mailed rent to arrive in our office. Everything is done quickly online. We work to keep owners and tenants happy, and our technology is one thing that helps us do that.

Avoiding Long Vacancy Periods

Online vacancy marketing is another tool that sets our company apart from other property managers in the central valley. We do online marketing through our property management software system, which results in our listings making their way to more than 500 different rental websites. We also use social media to post our vacancies. Our marketing strategy also includes signs and flyers and all of the old-fashioned advertising methods. But, in addition to those things, we have a sophisticated online marketing strategy that helps us get your property rented faster and to better tenants.   

Lease Renewal Process

Another major competitive advantage to working with The Equity Group is that we do our lease renewals annually. The goal is to limit tenant turnover and avoid an additional vacancy. Most of our tenants sign a one-year lease. When the eleventh month rolls around, we contact the tenants and schedule a review of the unit. We walk through the property and inspect its condition and based on those results, we offer them a new lease with a reasonable rent increase. This gives us the opportunity to look at the property, and it also allows us to get a little more rent coming in for the next year. Managing vacancies better results in attracting long term residents.  

People in a coffee meeting; a woman taking down notes

The main thing that sets us apart is we treat our tenants and clients like family. We’ll do everything we can to help anyone who needs it, and our customer service levels are second to none. We work hard to make your rental experience the best in the central valley. If you have any questions about our management services, please contact us at The Equity Group.