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Would you describe yourself as a good landlord? 

Would your tenants? 

There’s a lot to gain by building a positive reputation as a landlord. You’ll find it’s easier to rent out your Visalia property and it’s also easier to retain tenants. Both of these things contribute to more consistent rental income and higher ROI

It also feels good to be someone that tenants enjoy renting from. 

Here are some of our best tips for being a good landlord in Visalia. 

Rent Out a Great Home

Providing a well-maintained home will result in higher rental values and better tenants. You’ll also find your tenants are more willing to help you maintain your property. Before the tenants move in, do a complete inspection and make sure everything works. Have the property professionally cleaned and make sure all debris and clutter are removed from the outside and the inside. 

An outstanding property will lead tenants to believe you’re a good landlord.  

Set your Expectations Early 

Tenants perform better when they understand their responsibilities and your expectations. 

When you’re signing the lease with your tenants, make sure you go through the document thoroughly, explaining all of the things that are particularly important. Answer any questions the tenant might have and be clear about your policies and systems. 

The lease should be detailed so that if the tenant has any questions, he or she can refer to it during the tenancy. Let your residents know what you expect in terms of rent payment, maintenance requests, and general behavior. 

Visalia Rental Property Maintenance Must be Responsive

When tenants report that a repair is needed, give it your attention right away. Even if it’s something that doesn’t require an immediate response, let your tenants know that you’re aware of it, and working on it. 

Any emergency maintenance should be handled ASAP. The number one reason tenants leave their rental properties is that they’re dissatisfied with their landlord’s response to maintenance. Don’t give them a reason to leave. Good landlords care about the comfort and safety of their tenants. They’re also committed to protecting the condition of their investment. Prioritize maintenance if you want to be a good landlord. 

Provide Online Rental Payments 

Modern tenants love technology. If you’re not already allowing them to pay rent electronically, consider setting something up where they can. Not only is it more convenient and secure for them, but it may also lead to you getting your money faster. 

Understand California’s Rental Laws

A good landlord understands the federal, state, and local laws that pertain to rental properties and landlord/tenant relationships. This will help you to operate your rental property fairly and consistently. You don’t want to find yourself accused of violating the fair housing laws or illegally withholding part of your tenant’s security deposit. Make sure you understand what is permitted, required, and not allowed. 

California is notoriously complex when it comes to laws. They’re always changing, so make sure you stay on top of:

  • Rent control laws
  • Just cause eviction laws
  • Section 8 and tenant screenings
  • Security deposit laws

If you don’t have the time or resources to know what’s permitted and what’s prohibited, you may find yourself making expensive legal mistakes.

Work with a Visalia Property Manager

meeting and working with a property managerThe best landlords know that professional expertise can help them run a better rental property. Professional property management companies have the knowledge, skills, and experience that are needed to find and place great tenants and preserve the condition of your investment. Consider getting professional help for your investment. 

These are just a few of the ways you can be a good landlord. We’d love to tell you more, so please contact us at The Equity Group. We manage rental properties in Visalia, Hanford, Tulare, and the surrounding communities.