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A lease addendum is a separate legal document that landlords add to the lease to provide additional information that the original lease agreement may not cover. It is necessary for both residential and commercial rental lease agreements. The addenda cover various rules, disclosures, and warnings regarding pet animals, the existence of lead paint, smoking, and many more.

As Visalia landlords, you also need to address unique issues in your properties. Here are a few things you need to include in your lease addenda. 

  • Noise Clause

To restrict noise nuisance in your property, you can include a noise policy in your lease agreement. Here, you can have a quiet-hours policy in place to maintain peace in your unit. It allows tenants to enjoy their space without disturbing their neighbors. 

Also, you can mention noise ordinances and clauses in the lease to share some legal knowledge with your tenants. Setting rules for noise control will let your tenants know what is expected from them. You can mention the process of code enforcement for breaching the lease agreement in addenda.

  • Drug And Crime Addenda

This addendum establishes a drug and crime-free policy for your tenants. According to the policy, tenants should not engage in drug-related criminal activities, such as illegal manufacturing of drugs, selling, distribution, and possession intended to facilitate criminal activities. 

Also, landlords should include provisions forbidding other criminal activities like stealing, prostitution, sexual assault, and street gang activity. If your tenants conduct any illegal activity in your Visalia rental, this document will protect you in further law enforcement procedures.

  • Insect Infestation Addendum

If tenants fail to keep the rental unit clean and organized, it may result in insect infestation that can directly affect the market value of your property. Tenants are expected to follow the necessary steps to restrict insects from spreading. You can attach an addendum for an infestation to your lease stating the responsibility of tenants that they should notify the presence of insects immediately upon discovering evidence and maintain cleanliness in the property.

  • Addendum for Air-Filters

Irregular cleaning of air-filters may lead to quicker replacement and hence, additional expenses, for landlords. The best way to avoid this is to add an addendum for air filters in the lease which mentions who is responsible for cleaning and replacing the filters and how frequently they ought to be cleaned.

  • Other Common Addenda To Be Included

Customize DocumentThere are some other policies related to pet animals, smoking, renovation/landscaping, occupancy or guests, the existence of lead paint and asbestos that you should consider adding to your lease agreement. All these addenda are necessary to protect your Visalia property and keep your tenants safe. Since the addendum is a separate document, you can customize it according to your rules and requirements. 

For more detailed legal advice, hire a local attorney or a Visalia property manager who can guide you in creating an airtight lease agreement. At The Equity Group, we help landlords create leases with all the relevant addenda for a crystal-clear lease and to protect their investment in case of any legal disputes. We are a full-service property management company that can assist you while drafting lease agreements for Visalia rental property.

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